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If you're a third party, such as a billing or credentialing agency, you must register for your own account with NaviNet.

If you're a third party and you want to sign up for AllPayer Access or Medicare Access, please call Provider Sales instead at 1-800-721-8563, and choose 3 for Billing.

Register as a third party with NaviNet

During the NaviNet registration process, provide your information. On the About Your Office page, choose the Billing Agency (Third party billing administrator) option to register and to view the requirements that apply to third parties only. Provide the tax IDs of the providers that you contract with, and download the required third-party authorization form.

If you're a third party, and you mistakenly registered as a provider instead, please register again as a third party, or contact NantHealth Support.   

Download a third-party authorization form

Include a Third-Party Authorization form (also called a Billing Agency Access Form or a Provider Entity Authorization Form) when you first register with NaviNet, and when you add tax IDs or health plans to your office.  

NaviNet no longer accepts Third-Party Authorization forms via fax or email

  1. Download the form. When you register and indicate that you are a billing agency, before you complete the registration we provide a link for you to download the authorization form. You can also download the Third-Party Authorization Form here.


  2. Complete the Third-Party Authorization Form for each of your requested tax IDs.  
  3. Provide the two required signatures. We don't accept electronic signatures.
    • One signature from a third-party employee.
    • One signature from an employee at the provider entity/office. (A third-party employee cannot sign on behalf of the provider entity/office.)
  4. Scan the signed form to your computer.
  5. Submit the completed form by uploading it to your NaviNet case via one of these two options:
    • If your office is already using NaviNet, attach the completed form to your support case by uploading it to:
      If you cannot click the link, follow these steps: 
      1. Sign in to your NaviNet account.
      2. Click Manage My Profile.
      3. Click View Cases
      4. Select the appropriate case.
      5. At the bottom of the screen, click the Browse button to select the scanned file from your computer. 
      6. Click the green Add File button to upload your form.
      7. After it uploads, click Add Comment and type a comment to inform NaviNet that you've submitted the completed form.
    • If your office has not used NaviNet previously, attach the completed form to your registration case by uploading it to: 
      If you cannot click the link, follow these steps: 
      1. Go to 
      2. Under Getting Started with NaviNet, click Sign Up
      3. Click Check the status of your registration.
      4. Enter your email address or your registration case number.
      5. At the bottom of the screen, click Choose File to select the scanned file from your computer. 
      6. Click the green Add File button to upload your form.

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