End of Support for Microsoft Windows 7

As part of NantHealth's commitment to provide our users with stable, secure and technologically current applications, the NaviNet Open portal will discontinue support for the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system beginning January 14th, 2020.

This announcement is prompted by Microsoft's plan to end support for this operating system.

NantHealth encourages all users on Windows 7 to move to a supported operating system to minimize any impact to your user experience. To see which operating system you use, see the FAQ, How can I tell which Windows version I'm using?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will transactions break when NantHealth no longer supports Windows 7?

The NaviNet transactions should continue to work much as they do today for a period of time after Jan 14th. However, after this date, users who remain on Windows 7 should anticipate that as current features are enhanced and new features are introduced, they may not work as expected or may be unavailable on Windows 7.

Users with the latest browsers on supported operating systems will have access to a richer feature set as well as a faster, more secure experience with increased reliability and performance.

What browsers and operating systems are supported by NantHealth's NaviNet portal?

Please see our browser support policy.

What options are open to me if I choose to remain on Windows 7?

Unfortunately, NantHealth cannot provide support to users who choose to remain on Windows 7 and encounter issues when using the NaviNet Open portal.

Please consult with your IT Administrator regarding upgrading from Windows 7.

How long do you intend to continue support for Windows 7?

NantHealth will continue support for NaviNet users on Windows 7 up until January 14th, 2020.

Do you support IE11 and Microsoft Edge browsers on Windows 10?

Yes. We also support Google Chrome and the Firefox browser on Windows 10.