Find a clinical trial

If prescribed by the physician, you can choose a clinical trial instead of a regimen for the patient's treatment plan. To choose a clinical trial, you must have the trial ID or trial name.

All clinical trials require medical review by our Eviti medical office.

  1. Follow the steps in Find the patient to identify the patient and the payer.
  2. After you identify the patient and payer, click Clinical Trials in the Please Choose Your Preferred Treatment Path section.

    The Clinical Trials Search screen appears:

  3. Choose the cancer type. We use cancer type for information only. It does not affect the list of trials that you can search from.
  4. To find the trial, type a trial ID in the Search by Trial ID section, or a trial name in the Search by Trial Name section, and then click Search.

    Matching clinical trials appear.

  5. Click the name of a trial to view its details, and then click Select next to the appropriate clinical trial.
  6. Click Save and Continue.

The system displays the Medical review required screen.