Enter a chemotherapy treatment

Required information

Before you enter the treatment plan, ensure that you have all the required information. You'll need the following:

  • Cancer type
  • ICD-10 code
  • Diagnosis information
  • All chemotherapy and supportive drugs that the patient will receive during treatment, including major chemo agents, antiemetics, and pre- and post-chemo medications

Enter all chemotherapy and supportive drugs that the patient will receive during treatment; even the ones that don't need preauthorization. For example, if you receive some clinical trial drugs for free, and they are part of the patient's treatment, you must include them.

Our medical office and the payer must review the entire treatment plan to clinically evaluate and preauthorize treatment.

Chemotherapy checklist

To gather the information, use an order that the physician prepares, or print the chemotherapy checklist for the physician or nurse to complete.

To print the chemotherapy checklist, click Chemotherapy Checklist on the Eviti Connect for Oncology home page or use this link: Chemotherapy checklist.

Treatment plan steps

The system guides you through the following steps to enter the treatment plan.

The information that we ask you to provide may vary by payer.

  1. Find the patient.
  2. Find the matching chemotherapy regimen.
  3. Verify the chemotherapy drug details.
  4. Verify the diagnosis details.
  5. Enter the treatment dates.
  6. Review and submit the treatment plan.

As you enter the treatment plan, if it deviates from evidence-based guidelines, you see the Medical review required screen. From this screen, you can review the deviations and fix any data entry errors.

If the treatment plan deviates because the physician prescribed a different treatment, you must provide the required documentation for our medical team to review.