Find the patient

The first step to enter a treatment plan is to identify the patient and their insurance information.

The information that we ask you to provide may vary by payer.

  1. On the Eviti Connect home page, click Enter New Treatment.
  2. On the Enter Patient Info panel, specify the provider, payer, and patient information, and then click Search.

    Ensure that you choose the correct provider. If you choose a medical oncologist, you can enter chemotherapy treatments only. If you choose a radiation oncologist, you can enter radiation therapy treatments only.

    • If we find multiple patients, click Select to choose the correct one.
    • If this is a new patient, click New Patient to enter a new one.
    • If we find one matching patient, the patient information appears in the right panel.

    To run the search again, update the information in the Enter Patient Info panel, and then click Search.

  3. Provide the remaining patient information, and then click Save Patient and Continue.
    • If we ask for a payer confirmation number, you can typically find it on the patient's insurance card. If you can't find it, call NantHealth Support at 1-888-482-8057.
    • Select No from the Should this patient's name be masked? option unless the patient has VIP status or they work for the insurance company or hospital. If you select Yes, the patient's name does not appear in Eviti Connect for privacy reasons; only the patient's insurance ID appears.
  4. On the next screen, do the following:
    1. If this is a chemotherapy treatment, type the patient's height and weight in the Please Enter Patient's Height and Weight section. We determine some chemotherapy doses based on body surface area (BSA).
    2. Click Evidence-Based Regimens in the Please Choose Your Preferred Treatment Path section.
      Note: If the patient is enrolling in a clinical trial, and you have the trial ID or trial name, click Clinical Trials instead.

    The Regimen Search screen appears.

The next step is to find the matching regimen.