Verify the diagnosis details

After you verify the treatment details and answer additional questions, we ask you to verify the patient's diagnostics.

  1. On the Enter Diagnosis screen, enter or verify the pathology, stage, ICD-10 code, and line or goal of treatment.
    • To calculate the stage instead of choosing one, select the I want to enter T, N, M to Calculate Stage check box, and then choose values from the T, N, and M boxes. This is the staging system that most medical professionals use. It refers to tumor, nodes, and metastasis.
    • Based on the pathology, stage, and ICD-10 code, we may ask you for biomarkers and tumor characteristics. Choose the appropriate values if available, or choose Not Reported.
  2. Click Save and Continue.

The system analyzes the treatment plan. If the treatment plan meets evidence-based guidelines, we ask you for the treatment dates. Otherwise, the Medical Review Required screen appears.